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Prudent Investor Portfolio To Close
January 30, 2009, 8:59 pm
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Although I stopped writing for the blog, I continued making my purchases for the Prudent Investor Portfolio.  All purchases were made through because they offered free trades, and the purchases were based on this premise.

Alas, the promise of free purchases was too good, as I just received an email telling me that as of 1 March they will start charging $4.50 for each purchase.  Needless to say, this changes everything.

It was my belief that I had chosen excellent companies that will look very good when the financial mess in our country is finally straightened out, but I was counting on continuing with regular purchases as we continue to slide down, then finally move back up.  A $4.50 charge for a $100 purchase obviously makes no sense, so the whole idea of the portfolio no longer makes sense.

So I will no longer make purchases through and will continue to build wealth through my DRiP Portfolio, where I make my purchases without charge.

In parting, I will suggest a visit to, where you will find a large community of individuals interested in building wealth a little bit at a time.

Cheers –