The Prudent Investor

October Purchase
October 11, 2007, 12:16 pm
Filed under: Update

I have had computer problems for the past two weeks, something that has been driving me crazy (after all, I have four personal websites and two podcasts).  For that reason I was not able to make my purchase earlier in the week.  Sometimes one gets lucky in that way.  I finally had a chance to get to Zecco late yesterday to place my order.  I saw that CPO had fallen quite a bit and made the decision to purchase two shares, which would cost about $100.  My limit order of $47.15 was placed at 4:25pm, which was too late.  As I had make the duration Good To Close, I figured that if the stock was still down at the open then hopefully my order would be executed.

As fortune had it, the purchase was made this morning at $46.89.  I see that the low of today was only two cents below the purchase price, and the stock has rebounded handsomely.  For all I know, the price could fall dramatically tomorrow and I will have wished that I had waited a little longer before making my purchase.  However, in attempting to take the timing issue out of the mix (for the most part), sometimes one simply gets dumb lucky.


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