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Portfolio Update
June 8, 2007, 12:52 pm
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There aren’t many people reading this blog, so I am going to go ahead and end it – somewhat.  I think that instead of writing a couple fo times a week, I’ll make things very occasional, mostly updating the portfolio, which I will continue to maintain.

As for maintaining the portfolio, yesterday I purchased 1 share of CPO and 2 shares of SJW.  I will be following, for the most part, the InvestMete Strategy of determining where my purchase money goes.  Here is information about the InvestMete Strategy.  I invite everyone to stop over at the DRiP Investing Resource Center and join in the discussion there.

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Sorry to hear that few of us check on this blog. As I wrote you before, I enjoy your information on researching stocks and their selection process. I hope you will continue to share this with those of us who care. I’ve read the boards on your DRIP site since you first started it, but its format doesn’t lend itself to what you have here. If you can, how about input once a week here?

Comment by dabras

dabras – Thanks for the kind words. I may do an occasional post, since I plan to continue with the portfolio. With four websites, two podcasts, and two blogs, although I love being busy, I’m finding it very difficult to get back into the darkroom, which is where my real passion lies. Heck, who knows what happens from here on out.

Comment by George L Smyth

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